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Homeoapthy is the worlds second largest system of medicine

Myths about homeopathy

Homeopathy is slow in treating diseases

For acute ailments, Homeopathy acts as fast as any other branch of medicine. It is for treating chronic ailments, like asthma, migrane, arthritis and so on, that homeopathy needs time.


Homeopathy helps only in chronic cases not in acute cases.
Homeopathy works very quickly in acute cases like fever, diarrohea, cold cough, etc. For chronic cases, homeopathy is the treatment of choice and performs with excellent results.


Homeopathy aggravates the disease first then ameliorates
In  VERY few cases homeopathy show an initial aggravation which eventually subside leading towards cure. Moreover the doctor monitors that mild aggravation which later goes in an amelioration.


Homeopathy doesn’t work in surgical cases

Homeopathy has shown its efficiency in surgical cases like tonsillitis, fissure piles ,adenoids, fibroids, warts ,  kidney stones etc . in some surgical cases where structural changes have taken place it may not be very effective , although it can slow down the progress of the disease.


We cannot have vitamins/ supplements with homeopathic medication

Vitamins and supplements compliment homeopathic medication and can be taken together.


Homeopathy is a pleasing medicine or placebo

Clinical trials have been conducted to prove the efficiency of homeopathy. Homeopathy have also shown results in animals and infants which again proves that it is not a placebo.


Homeopaths do not give importance to diagnosis of the disease.

Homeopathy treats the person in a disease and not the disease in a person. Diagnosis helps the homeopath to plan the treatment, though it may not play an important role in giving a remedy.


Homeopathy is not advisable for pregnant women and new borns

Homeopathic medicine do not cause toxicity to pregnant women like the conventional treatment. Hence it is ideal for pregnant women and is also  safe and gentle for the baby.


One must not eat raw onions, garlic, spices, coffee etc while on homeopathic medication

Homoeopathic medicines are absorbed from the tongue &buccal mucosa,  it is therefore advised  to patients that they refrain from eating or drinking anything for 15 minutes before & after taking the Homoeopathic medicine. Having said that, there is no need to avoid eating raw onions, garlic, spices, coffee, etc while on homeopathic medication.


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